"Our company builds some of the top performing, most aesthetically pleasing systems in the world. See why NEXGEN is leading the PC industry in client satisfaction"


NEXGEN Computers specializes in High Performance Computer Systems, Liquid Cooling, PC Modding, Overclocking, Computer Repair and Support. Our headquarters in Coeurd'Alene has been our base for computer repair, support, and custom systems for over a decade. Our systems have been recognized worldwide for top industry performance and aesthetics. Some of our systems have been featured in television series such as "The Vanilla Ice Project" on DIY Network, and in top PC performance magazines both nationally and internationally. We work with our clients individually to create systems for all demands. Our methods of creation and execution of products is second to none. With our award winning custom built desktops and laptops, you can be confident we are the experts you have been searching for.
NEXGEN system builds are recognized worldwide for unmatched style and aesthetics. Our builds are custom tailored to exact client demands. If you can dream it, we can build it.
NEXGEN system builds are known for their performance. Many of our systems have won awards for top speed performance and for reaching new heights in the PC industry.
Desktop and Laptop computers from NEXGEN are of a rare and exclusive breed. Expertly engineered, and extensively tested, our products are optimized, powerful, quiet and reliable.

NEXGEN sets the standard for high end performance workstations! Having used many computers in the past Alienware, Dell, HP etc..., they don't seem to offer as high performance and highly upgrade-able PCs as they did in the past. That's when I found about NEXGEN. We replaced our main workstation with the AURORAxmp 300 and doubled productivity with half the render time!

Michael, TX 09/21/2015